LIG Solar Power Project in Quang Tri province

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

-          Location: Gio Hai and Gio Thanh commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province

-          Owner: LICOGI13

-          Period: 2018-2019

-          Contract value:

+ Package 1: Leveling and Backfill work: 40.284.887.000 vnđ

+ Package 2: Construction and completion of installing steel cantilever, panel and power cable spreading: 63.030.312.000 vnđ

+ Package 3: Pile supply and Reinforcement concrete pile pressing: 32.602.031.946 vnđ

The project has design capacity 49,5 MWp, electricity output 67.960 MWh /year. Total investment capital is 1.200 billion dongs, time for operation: 50 years.

LIG solar power project in Quang Tri province is one of preferred investment special projects (complying with the sector list specified in Decree 118/2015/NĐ-CP dated November 12th, 2015 of the Government), including preferred corporate income, import tax, land rent deduction and some forms of preferred investment support of Quang Tri province

For LICOGI13, investment in LIG solar power of Quang Tri province is in the target program and main tasks mentioned by Management Board in 2018 Annual Shareholder General Meeting. It is suitable for long-term development strategy in three sectors: construction, real estate and infrastructure industry.

LIG solar power project in Quang Tri province is one of potential, promising one which brings long-term effectiveness and contributes in steady and permanent development of LICOGI13 in the future.

 Some pictures for construction work of this project are as follows: