No.11 Urban Area Project, Gia Sang Ward, Thai Nguyen City, Thai Nguyen Province


 Project introduction:

In order to implement the general development process of Thai Nguyen City, the new urban area project No. 11 Gia Sang ward has a scale of 19 hectares, the total investment is expected to be over 600 billion VND. It is arranged with scientific planning with low-rise housing projects including villas, adjacent houses, etc., combined with a system of social infrastructure works and a system of green parks, air-conditioning lakes, urban area projects. 11 Gia Sang new town creates an ecological environment in harmony with the regional landscape.

With the orientation of synchronous construction planning in terms of both technical and social infrastructure, the 11 Gia Sang new urban area will bring great efficiency in terms of socio-economic, creating a premise and driving force for development. for Thai Nguyen city, at the same time creating a complete and modern urban infrastructure system, establishing a legal basis for management of construction planning, construction design and construction investment for the entire urban area. urban, ensuring architectural landscape, environment in harmony with nature, sustainable development

To complete the infrastructure system in the urban area, the investor Kosy Joint Stock Company has trusted to choose LICOGI13 Joint Stock Company - Infrastructure Mechanization as the contractor to implement this package within 6 months. with high quality and artistic requirements.
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