Construction of technical infrastructure for My Trung B New Urban Area, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province


Construction location: My Trung B urban area, Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province.

Investor: Nam Cuong Group Hanoi
Implementation time: July 2021
Completion time: October 2021

Project introduction:

My Trung B urban area - Nam Dinh city is located in Nam Dinh city, located on the corridor of National Highway 10 (to Thai Binh, Hai Phong) and National Highway 21 (Hanoi). My Trung B urban area will contribute to the successful implementation of the general construction planning of Nam Dinh City, creating an important route connecting National Highway 10, with the administrative center of the City.

The project will create a very beautiful and modern new urban area with a synchronous social and technical infrastructure system, a new urban face of Nam Dinh City in the northern lane. The urban area also contributes to the implementation of the city's strategy of developing trade - tourism - services, forming a commercial center; services for the region, meeting the needs of local economic exchanges as well as the needs of tourists visiting monuments, culture and history in the city.

In order to complete the infrastructure system in the urban area, the investor Nam Cuong Group has trusted to choose LICOGI13 Joint Stock Company - Infrastructure Mechanization as the contractor to implement this package within 3 months with high quality and artistic requirements.

Construction scale:

The bidding package includes construction of infrastructure, including construction items of rainwater drainage, wastewater drainage, completion of roads and sidewalks, including the following works:

Structural part of the road surface

- Construction of sand embankment with required density K=0.95.

- Construction of the lower layer of crushed stone

- Construction of the upper layer of crushed stone

- Irrigate the road surface adhesive layer with oil-based plastic.

- Paving the asphalt road surface

Sidewalks and sidewalks

- Construction of curbs

- Construction of triangular groove knitting

- Construction of paving bricks

Rainwater drainage system

- Digging manholes

- Filling foundation soil, compacting K95.

- Construction of foundation stone layer, type of rock with diameter Dmax<=4.

- Supply and Install drains D300, D400, D800, D600, D1500.

Sewerage system:

- Digging manholes

- Filling foundation sand, compacting K95.

- Construction of foundation stone layer, type of rock with diameter Dmax<=4.

- Supply and Installation of sewers.