Construction of Pump Station Level 1 - Works of Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park Project


General introduction:

- Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park - Aurora IP is located in Rang Dong Town, Nghia Hung District, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam.

- Located in Ninh Co Economic Zone (with a total area of ​​14,000 ha including airport, seaport, power plant). The foundation for attracting investment at Aurora IP is the waterway connection system with Hai Thinh Port (10km); Hai Phong Port (140km), Cai Lan Deep Sea Port (200km); road connection system 50km to the center of Nam Dinh City, 130km to the center of Hanoi City; 40km to Ninh Binh City center; 75km to the center of Thai Binh City, 150km to Noi Bai - Hanoi airport; 145km to Cat Bi airport - Hai Phong.

- The item "Construction of pumping station level I, collection works under Construction project of level I pumping station, raw water collection and supply route for clean water factory in Rang Dong Textile and Garment Industrial Park" is being implemented by LICOGI13-IMC with the following main tasks:

* Construction:

- Construction of reinforced concrete piles PHC 300A, 400A, square pile 300x300;

- Method of construction of Lasel piles holding foundation pits;

- Digging soil, backfilling, making foundation, construction of formwork, reinforcement, Structural concrete, waterproofing, plastering, painting, doors, installing steel structure cover...

- Construction of embankment reinforcement plates with geotextiles, gabions, stone blocks...

- Construction of ground leveling, internal roads, rainwater drainage system, guard houses, valve pits, fences and gates, planting green trees...

* Mechanical construction:

- Steel ladders, stairs, steel railings and steel truss structures, prefabricated details through walls and floors (not including details of Contractors constructing pipelines and technology.

Images contruction: