Weld training program complies with US standard AWSD1.1 - 2010


In order to improve the workmanship of the workers, to ensure the quality of the welded joints of the works, LICOGI13 Joint Stock Company - Building foundation has joined with CTWEL training consultancy joint stock company to organize training and the welding skills standard AWSD1.1 - 2010 of the US.

Figure 1. Trainees taking part in the CTWEL training course

There are over 30 trainees who are currently engaged in the company's projects. After completing the theoretical and practical tests, the trainees will be granted the welding skill certificate according to AWSD1.1-2010 standard by the CTWEL Training Consultancy Joint Stock Company.

Figure 2. A practitioner's practice test product

Figure 3. Practitioners practice at the workshop