Results of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017


Morning 29/03/2017 LICOGI 13 Joint Stock Company - Founding foundation to hold annual shareholders' meeting in 2017, LICOGI13 Hall, 4A floor, LICOGI 13 Tower, Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuan, Ha Cabinet.

The congress opened at 9am, attended the congress of delegates and shareholders, authorized representatives are 55 shareholders, representing 5,774,566 shares corresponding to 96.62% of total shares issued of the company.

Photo 1. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017

The meeting approved the report of the Board of Directors on business results, finance, profit distribution in 2016; Business plan, investment and target programs 2017; Report on the activities of the Board of Supervisors 2016; Financial statement 2016 was audited; The plan of remuneration for the Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors in 2017; Option of auditing unit 2017; Listed on the stock market on Hanoi Stock Exchange in 2017.
After a heated discussion period, the congress agreed to adopt a resolution with a very high agreement, 100% for all contents.

Photo 2. Shareholders debate at the congress

Congress succeeds and closes at 11:20.
Detailed results of the 2017 shareholders' meeting see details as follows:

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